Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Becca B Get's Hitched!

My friend Becca "B." Boy's (as I have called her since I was little) got married a couple of weeks ago on June 2nd.  Her day was so perfect and fun!  As cliche as it sounds, you could just see the love radiating between her and her fiance.  They were so precious.  I hope to find someone that makes me as happy as Rick makes Becca someday. 
Becca's colors were orange and pink and I am a sucker for orange and pink.  The decor was so lovely and fun!  Her reception was held at an old historic home now turned events place called "The Columns of Georgia".  It is a beautiful house and a great place for Hawkinsville to have for events.
Becca means a lot to me and I value our friendship so much.  I was so happy to be there on her big day.  We have been friends since we were probably 4.  Always spending time at each other's houses and playing dress-up and having tea parties.  She has grown up to be an awesome, caring person and I'm so blessed to call her friend.  Congrats Becca B!

*Decorating by Maggie Griffin
The beautiful reception site.

Entrance into the courtyard/reception area.

A sweet photo of Becca and her daddy.
Friends forever! Me, Becca, and Sarah.

Our good friend, Becca, caught the bouquet!

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Devens with Becca's parents.

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