Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogs & Such

While stalking my friend Sarah's facebook page one day, I ran across a link to a blog she found called the French Flea ( They have really cute stuff and awesome decorating ideas. I recently ordered this switch plate cover for my newly painted room.  I'm going for the shabby chic look if you couldn't tell.

I bought the white one! It's really heavy so it doesn't have that cheap feel.

I discovered this shop on Etsy today thanks to the French Flea's blog... It's a company that makes the cutest pillows I have ever seen! I could have bought every one!

This would be PERFECT for my room! Too bad I have too many pillows already.! This beauty is only $33!

Ok....these are "beanbag bookends"! I have never heard of such but what a cute idea! $18!!

My first apartment when I moved off to school was done in pink and orange.  If it were still these colors, I would so buy this! Plus I have a small obsession here lately with birds. $18!!

Umm...can you say perfect wedding or baby shower gift?! $30!! 


  1. I want ALL of them too! I knew you would like them!

  2. Hi Katie. Thank you so much for blogging about me! If it's ok, I'm going to do a blog showing YOUR cute blog because I love these picture frames!

    The French Flea

  3. Of course it is ok! Thank you so much! I love your blog and read it almost ever day. I wish I lived closer so I could visit your store! Thank you for my switch plate cover! I love it!