Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Reasons Fall is my Favorite!

In the past few days, I have noticed several people writing blogs about their favorite things about Fall.  I really enjoyed reading them and found we have many of the same favorites.  Here are my top 10 reasons Fall is my favorite time of the year.

1.  Burlap-I LOVE burlap! I personally think burlap looks nice all year round but I feel it looks especially nice during the Fall season. Last year my mom made me a burlap table runner for my dining room to go with my Fall tablescape. It was perfect! I pulled it out last night to use it again this year and it looks lovely. 

2.  Mums- These plants are my sure sign that Fall is officially here! I went by Walmart when I got off of work yesterday and bought a couple for my deck.  I plan to go back to get more soon to plant in pumpkins like I did last year. 

3.  Leaves-They are so pretty this time of year! I absolutely love their colors and how beautiful they make everything.  Sometimes when I am driving I will catch myself admiring the leaves changing on trees and forget for a second that I need to be paying attention to the road. Oops! :)

4.  Clothes-  I can't be more excited to pull out my riding boots, cardis, and scarves! Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are orange, brown, and oatmeal.  My favorite outfit to wear during this time is a dress with leggings and my brown leather riding boots.  I'm so ready to be sporting these items soon!

5.  Fair- If you are from Middle Georgia, the GA National Fair in Perry is "the" place to go in the Fall. I have gone every year since I was little.  There are rides, exhibit booths, concerts, and who can forget about the fair food?!  I love going with my family and the weather is always so nice.  One of my favorite memories of the fair is spending Senior skip day there.  A large group of us went and spent the whole day riding rides.  I went to Perry High School so we all use to go several times while it was in town. 

That's my cousin, Monica.  We were playing around with the cowboy hats a vendor was selling.
6.  Football-  I love to watch college football!! I am an avid LSU fan and try to watch every game.  I also love going to Athens to watch the Dawgs play but you won't catch me cheering them on.  I like going because college football is fun to watch live and b/c I LOVE Athens.  It's just such a fun little place to me. With all that being said, "GEAUX TIGERS"!

7.  Pumpkins-  I love pumpkins.  I like to decorate with them, use them for photo props, carve them, ect ect. Pinterest has been a great source for ways to be creative with pumpkins!  I don't like pumpkin flavored foods/coffees though.  I'm kinda bummed about that b/c everyone is always going on and on about reciepts that include pumpkin. 

8.  Thanksgiving-  My family always has a great turnout for Thanksgiving lunch.  We usually gather at my great aunt's house in Eastman because that is where most of my family lives.  I'm not really big into the food ( I hate turkey, dressing, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, gibblet gravy, cranberry sauce, ect.).  I know, I'm crazy.  Lucky for me there is a huge spread of other foods avaliable for me to stuff my face with.  I don't just look forward to Thanksgiving for the food.  I love my family more than anything and I  love having a day to spend with all of them.  I always try to remember the reason we celebrate this holiday.  Always count your blessings!

9.  Cool weather-  I'm obsessed with the weather this time of the year.  I just want to stay outside all of the time and I am NOT, I repeat, NOT an outdoor girl.  I hope to someday go to the mountains this time of year because the leaves are my favorite thing about Fall and I would love to see them there. I just never seem to have time. I really want that to change!

10.  Decor-  Now that I have my own house, I spend most of my free time sprucing things up.  I love to decorate for the different seasons and you guessed it, Fall is one of my favorties to decorate for.  I love the warm tones and the way the candles smell that I burn.  Last year I made these cute mumkins.   This year I plan to buy some fake pumpkins at Hobby Lobby to carve bc the real ones rotted in a week and I had to throw my cute little table decorations away.   :(  I blogged about that tablescape here.

This was taken on a trip to Pottery Barn recently. Don't we all wish our house looked like something out of PB?!

I hope you enjoy the Fall season!!


  1. love fall too....n love the boots :)
    do drop by...n let me know if we can follow each other
    c ya

  2. I've always favored fall clothes instead of summer clothes! Loved your list!

    New fan and follower here!

Holly Foxen Wells


  3. Fall is definitely my favorite season! Wish it was longer though.