Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Very Special Weekend

So...I'm never sure if people read my blog post which is why I don't typically write that many.  I do, however, think that some things are worth documenting for yourself to go back and read at a later time even if no one reads it but you.
This is one of "those" post.
In August, my dad and I went to St. Simons.  Just the 2 of us.  We don't usually do things just the two of us, and when we do I don't really look at it as particularly special.  I guess I have, in the past, taken those times for granted. This weekend was defiantly special.
Four days before we left for our trip, my dad told my brother and I that he has prostate cancer. We were both very shocked and upset. It was the worst news I have ever had to accept.
 He is to have 3 months of chemo followed by surgery at Emory to remove his prostate and bladder.  This was particularly hard because I don't want to see my daddy sick. He is never sick and I know that he will have a year full of sickness from chemo and then will have to adjust to these parts being taken from his body.  He will be in the hospital for 10 days, out of work for 2 months, and it will be around 6 months before he feels like himself again.   
My dad loves St. Simons. It is a place that means a lot to our family and we have built many memories there. He loves to go fishing and wanted to make one more trip before he begins chemo and doesn't feel well.
We left around lunch time on Friday. We arrived at Sea Gate Inn late in the afternoon.  The condo was so beautiful!  It was right on the water so daddy wouldn't have far to go to fish.  Later that evening, we went to our favorite restaurant on the island, The Crab Trap.  We both had fried shrimp and crab stew. Very delicious! We then went over to Brunswick to visit with my older half brother and his family. 
Saturday morning daddy went fishing while I slept late. :)  We walked around the village and ate at The Sandcastle for lunch.  It is a favorite for the locals (I'm ready to be a "local").  I took daddy back to the condo so he could get his usual nap and I went back to the village to finish up my shopping.  I took a nap once I got back.  It rained later in the day so no pool for us! :(  We ate dinner at Catch 228 for the first time and it was great.  One thing we do when we go to the beach is eat well (if you couldn't tell)! :)  We then went to the village to have ice cream for dessert at St. Simons Sweets.
Sunday morning we had to check out bright and early at 10am (yes, this is early for me on the weekends). We had brunch The 4th of May (another favorite of ours). 
Basically on this trip we ate and ate.  We did have a lot of visiting time which was great. I kept telling myself all weekend to remember every second of it.  This trip with my "diddy" was so special to me and I will treasure it always.
I didn't take many pictures this particular weekend but here are the few I did take...

Going to the Crab Trap.

The beautiful sunset on our way to Brunswick.

Wonderful dinner at Catch 228.

Us at Catch 228.

Our BEAUTIFUL condo.  I loved the colors, furniture, layout, everything!

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