Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet Molly

My mama's birthday was August 27th and my brother and I suprised her with a puppy.  She is a yorkie and her name (after 3 days of contemplation) is Molly. 
Since our precious Maggie died (my toy poodle I was given for high school graduation) in August of 2008, we haven't felt ready to get attached again just yet.  For the past few months though, we had been talking about what breed of dog we wanted next, what color, size, etc.  I saw her birthday as the perfect time to take the "puppy plunge"!  I looked for weeks to find the perfect dog.  We initally said we wanted a mixed breed.  Mama has severe asthma and can only have non-shedding, short haired dogs.  I searched every where for any mixed breed.  I finally found a black shitzu/yorkie in Abbeville (not too far from where we live).  I went to check her out and she was precious! I thought for sure I would be back to get her but when I left, I was covered in dog hair.  Not only would this not work with mama's asthma but it also wouldn't work with my OCD. So, the search resumed.  On my way back to Valdosta, 2 weeks before mama's birthday, I remembered a lady I use to waited on when I worked at the bank that always came through the drive through with her yorkie.  She bought her from a relative in Eastman (even closer to our house).  I contacted the woman and she gave me her great aunt's number who was the breeder.  She just happend to have one girl and one boy.  Yorkies have always been a favorite breed of ours but they are usually VERY expensive.  This kind woman offered me a price I just could turn down.  I sent my brother over to check out the pup the very next day.  He sent me a picture of her and I instantly fell in love.  I explained to the breeder I wouldn't be home from school until Mama's birthday and she graciously kept her another 2 weeks for me.
It was a LONG 2 weeks knowing we were about to have a new "baby".  As silly as it sounds, I would find myself looking at the picture my brother sent me of her.  I was just so excited! 
The day finally came for me to go pick up our new family member.  After picking her up in Eastman, I took her to mama's house in Perry.  Mama luckily wasn't home when I arrived so I had time to figure out exactly how I was going to give her to her.  Cody and his girlfriend Taylor came over before mama got home.  I tied a big pink bow on our little baby and decided to put her in a decorative box we have in our house.  Once mama got home, we told her to sit down so we could give her her gift.  I ran back to my room and brought her the box with Molly inside of it.  I told mama her present was too big to wrap to give an explanation as to why I was bringing her a box she already owned.  She opened it up, saw Molly, and closed the lid back! She was in shock....and so happy.  She loved on Molly and even cried she was so happy.
I am so glad I decided to get mama a new baby.  She has really enjoyed having someone to come home to in the afternoons after work.  Molly is so sweet, calm, and playful.  She is still so tiny and loves to be held. 
Here are a few pictures of Molly from the night we gave her to mama....

Waiting to meet her mommy!

She loves her bubba!

Meeting Aunt Taylor!
Mama opening her favorite bday present ever!

She loved her!

Getting some sugar!

Molly Grace


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