Friday, August 12, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Wow...I haven't written a blog in quite some time.  I just haven't found a second here lately to write.  But I felt this experience in my life was worth making time for.

My childhood friend, Sarah Lamar (who I nicknamed "Sarah G" when I was young), got married!  I was a bridesmaid and was really excited not only to stand beside my friend on the most important day of her life but because this was my first time being a bridesmaid.  I am a little obsessed with weddings so of course this was a day I had been waiting on for a while.  I felt so honored that Sarah would choose me to be apart of her day. Another thing that made the weekend even more special was that Sarah asked my mom to direct and help decorate the reception area.  It meant a lot to us both for her to include my mom in such a big way.  She did an awesome job with the decorating, just wait and see!
The wedding was held at the beautiful Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris, Ga.
Here is how Sarah's wedding weekend went...

Thursday- July 28, 2011
Mama and I arrived in Young Harris pretty late (around 11).  Mom had to work until 4:00, it took forever to get all the things loaded in the car, and the drive was 4 hours. Wheww!  The mountain roads almost made me carsick.  I was dreading having to go back down them on the way home.  Once we got to the hotel, we unloaded the car, stuffed a few gift bags (Sarah wanted these for the guest who were staying at the hotel for the weekend), showed Sarah her flowers mama brought for some arrangements and off to bed we went!

Friday- July 29, 2011
Mama and I slept as late as possible.  We were so tired from going and going the day before.  Sarah's bridesmaid's luncheon was at the Tack Room on the resort grounds.  It was a stable-like building that was just beautiful.  We had a soup, sandwich, and salad lunch and it was great! I loved meeting all the other bridesmaids that I had only communicated with previously via facebook.  Sarah gave us all white button down L.L. Bean shirts with our initials monogrammed in baby blue to wear while we were getting ready for the wedding. I loved them!  She also gave us very pretty scarves! After the luncheon, some of us went back to our room to stuff gift bags and fold programs.  Mama and I ended up taking a much needed nap and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal dinner was across the street from the resort at a restaurant called, Brothers.  The food was amazing! We had steak, chicken alfredo, green beans, mac and cheese, roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, and a dessert bar. The rehearsal dinner was very sweet.  Sarah's dad, brother, and step-brother, maid of honor, and Trent's dad all gave speeches.  It was very touching and many tears were shed!

The wonderful bridesmaid's luncheon!

Friends since before kindergarden.

All the bridesmaids and Sarah

Us girls with our moms.

Rehearsal dinner. I LOVED Sarah's dress!

The happy couple!

Sarah with her good looking step bothers and sisters!

Saturday-July 30, 2011
Today is THE day! Mama got up really early and headed down to the pavilion to start decorating for the wedding. She was literally out there until about an hour before the wedding started a 6. She worked so hard and her hard work defiantly paid off.  I got to sleep a little late and then headed down stairs to meet the girls for breakfast at the restaurant.  We all then went to the bridesmaid's suite to get ready.  We all look so cute in our shirts and curlers! :)  It was fun to help each other get ready.  Sweet Tiffany rolled my hair and Laney did an amazing job fixing it for me!  After we all got ready, we helped sarah get ready and she looked so beautiful.  Ben (the photographer who is also Sarah's step brother) snapped a few pictures of us and then took pictures of Sarah and Trent seeing each other for the first time.  I wanted to watch so bad! Lol.  We then all took pictures together on the golf course.  I can't wait to see them! I know they are so beautiful! After pictures, we rode golf carts down to the Sunset Pavilion for the wedding!  It was so exciting for the moment to finally arrive! The ceremony was very sweet and very spiritual.  The senery was so beautiful!  Mountains and a golf course...can't get much prettier!  The reception was so fun! We danced the night away.  The band was wonderful and even did a special number for us bridesmaids and Sarah.  It was such a great night!

Laney and Ms. Peggy putting the finishing touches on the bride.

So beautiful!

Sarah and Trent right after they were married.

Mama did a great job on the flower arrangments that hung from the aisle chairs.

The pavilion where the reception was held.  I loved the paper lanterns!

The most delicious cake I have ever had!

Sarah getting love from her sweet step brothers.

Sweet couple enjoying their first meal together as husband and wife.

This is perhaps my favorite picture of the night.  Check me out trying to push Becca out of the way (Remember
a scene similar to this in the movie, Bride Wars?). Haha! I determined to catch the bouquet.  I wasn't sucessful. :(

This says it all.

Best friends forever.

Leaving on their cute golf cart. Decorated by my talented mother of course! :)

Sunday-July 31, 2011
Mama and I slept in as late as we could.  The beds there were SO comfy and I hated to leave them! Lol.  We had tons of stuff to pack up and finally rolled out of the resort around 2.  We ended up eating lunch at Brothers to enjoy their delicious food one more time.  We stopped a few times at different shops, the outlet mall, and a family friends house in Cummings to visit.  We finally got home around 10:30 and boy were we pooped! Getting up for work the next morning was not easy!

This weekend was amazing.  It will be one I never forget. I was so honored to be apart of it! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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