Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Trae, My Favorite 6 Year-Old...

     As most of you know, my brother and I had a nanny growing up.  Darlene started keeping us when I was just 5 weeks old.  She has spent almost every day at our house for 25 years now.  She is part of our family, my 2nd mother, and my best friend. 
     When I left home to start attending VSU in August of 2006, Darlene started working for a second family to keep their newborn, Trae.  I still remember going by the Hardy's house to say goodbye to Darlene before I left town.  She was standing in the driveway holding Trae, crying as I pulled out.  She did the same thing when I went to Kindergarten.  I'll admit, I was a little jealous when I found out Darlene would only be with us part time so that she could go on to raise new children.  I felt I was going to be replaced.  Little did I know, I would grow to love those children like they were my own siblings.
     I love Trae and Kate Hardy like I have never loved any other children before.  I'm so glad Darlene has raised them to be a part of our lives.
    Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend Trae's kindergarden graduation.  I can't believe how fast he has grown up. Here are a few of my favorite photos of him I have taken over the years (a couple of these are from his mom's FB page). 

Big brother with little sister, Kate (2008)
My buddy (2009).

At my house in summer 2009.

3rd birthday party (2009)

So sweet and still has that "baby" look.

Trae eating with his papa.
This was taken while I was babysitting them one evening (2009).
Sitting with us at an HHS football game (fall 2010).
Playing on the gator (winter 2010).
Christmas 2010

Trae's first year playing t-ball (2011).

My favorite t-ball player. One of my favorite pictures of us.

Duke's of Hazzard 5th birthday party (2011)
Trae with his parents at his pre-k graduation from FBC day school (2011).
Trae and me at his pre-k graduation reception (2011).

Trae's first day of kindergarten.  This photo almost had me in tears the first time I saw it.
He looks so grown up.  Priceless photo (August 2011).

Swapping Christmas presents (2011).

Trae and his sister, Kate, love to go to the "Waffle Place" (Huddle House).  I took them there a couple of weeks ago when I was babysitting (May 2012).

"Look! I've lost 2 teeth!"

Yesterday at his kindergarten graduation from Westfield.  So proud to be a part of this precious little boy's life.

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