Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This past weekend I made a quick trip to Chattanooga, TN to visit my good friend Ashlee.  She took a job at the newspaper there as an intern last summer and is a photojournalist.  She is so fabulous at what she does!
Saturday, I left Perry around 10:00 and arrived at Ashlee's around 2:00.  The drive only takes Ashlee about 3 hours and 10 minutes but of course I don't have that kind of luck.  I stopped twice, got stuck in THREE traffic jams, almost had a wreck in Atlanta, didn't realize I missed my exit until 20 minutes after the fact, AND got lost.  Whew!  I was so happy to see Ashlee standing outside of her apartment once I finally arrived!
I see mountains!

FINALLY in Tennessee!

We didn't waste any time. We jumped in her car and drove to town. We scoured a junk store looking for photo props (no luck) and then had a late lunch at a really neat restaurant called "The Terminal". It's located next door to the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

After lunch, we went to the mall and several other stores to shop.  The shopping there is great and we got lots of neat things!
Ashlee fell in love with this beautiful tulip painting but we had no way to get it back to her apartment. :(
I'm obsessed with turtles so when I saw this serving tray at World Market, it had to come back to Ga with me!
 Sunday, started off with picking up a sandwich at Jimmy John's and then heading over to Cooliage Park to have a picnic.  It was such a beautiful day and the park was so nice.  We watched the kids there play on the splash pads and fed little birds with our left over bread. 

Ashlee Culverhouse Photography

Ashlee Culverhouse Photography
After playing with the birdies, we took some pictures together and then walked across Walnut Bridge.  The bridge was about a half mile long and had awesome views of the city.  Once we made our way across the bridge, we had some ice cream at a cute little ice cream shop.  It was sooo good! I had coffee cheesecake!

Ashlee is moving back to Perry in July. I can't wait! We always have so much fun together! Even though it was a quick trip, I fell in love with Chattanooga and hope to go back soon! 


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