Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Reads!

I'm usually not a reader, but here lately, I have stumbled across several books that I couldn't put down.
My favorite author (like so many girls my age) is Nicolas Sparks.  I get so wrapped up in his novels that I usually finish them in a couple of days and I'm always sad to see them end. "Safe Haven" has been my all time favorite and "Dear John" is my 2nd favorite (it's also a movie that is def worth seeing!).

Right now, I am reading "The Help" and "Something Borrowed".  "The Help" is about the lives of 2 maids in Mississippi during the 1960's and 1 young socialite who is trying to find her nanny who unexpectedly left while she was away at college. It's interesting to see how they lived and how they felt about the people they worked for.  The novel is the author's first book and is a New York Times Bestseller! What an accomplishment! This book has been recommended by so many people and I can't wait to get more into it.  "Something Borrowed" is about a girl who sleeps with her best friends fiance.  The girl that sleeps with the fiance is a girl that you would never suspect of something such as that.  I have only read the first chapter, so I am anxious to see how things unfold.  This is book has also been turned into a movie.  I am super excited that it stars Kate Hudson. I have to finish my book before I see it though!

After watching Opera this past week, I have found 2 books I hope to read soon.  I love bibliographys and usually can't put them down. I find something so interesting about getting a peak into other people's lives.  Shania Twain was on Opera early this week introducing her book, "From This Moment On".  You would be suprised at all this wonderful woman has indured through her lifetime.  The other book, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends" is by Rob Lowe.  The actor talks about his career which took off during the 1980's and also his life at home. 

I hope you decide to read one or all of these!  Enjoy!

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  1. Something Borrowed is one of my favs! There is a Something Blue in the same series, but it tells the same story from the fiances point of view. (Kate Hudson's character) I didn't really like her character in Something Borrowed, so I couldn't really get into Something Blue... I didn't really care what she had to say. :-)