Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chairs...Simple As That.

I'm a tad in love with TJ Maxx.  My friend Sally and I went this weekend while I was in Valdosta to look around and I couldn't help but ooo and ahh over their chairs.  I love a good chair.  I have always had a little reading corner in my bedrooms and I think they add a lot to a room.  Especially if they are antique or covered in a fun fabric. 

My bedroom is brown, blue, and pink.  This would be perfect in my reading corner!

I fell in love with these chairs and its ottomans.  Literally.  If I had a room with purple, I would have bought these right then.  The rhinstones in the center of the ottomans were the perfect sofisticated touch!

The back!

If this isn't cute, I don't know what is.  The seat lifts up and doubles as extra storage space. 

My first two years in Valdosta, I lived in an apartment that was fully furnished.  When I moved into another apartment that wasn't, I had to bite the bullet and buy furniture.  I visited an anitque shop in Perry where I found a chair with tons of character but was covered in awful fabric from what looked like the 1970's. I bought the chair for $125.  My mom and I took a trip to Hancock Fabrics and found some cute pink and green floral fabric and piping on sale and had it covered.  I was able to get the fabric for $6/yard and paid $100 to have it covered.  I love the way it turned out! Buying a chair and having it covered can be expensive but I felt it was so worth it in the end.  It added the perfect touch to my college bedroom! This rescue story has a sad ending though. I have changed the colors in my room and it would stick out like a sore thumb if I were in there.  It now sits, covered, in our garage. :(  It's so cute though, I can't part with it or re-cover it. Maybe one day I will have use for it again.

My love.

Close up of the piping and fabic.

So comfy!  Wish it still matched my room!

Wooden legs.

This is a chair I found at Dutchman's in St. Simons.  I wanted to bring it home so bad! Isn't it cute?! My camera was dead at the time I took this so I had to use my phone.  The quality isn't that great but it gets the idea across! :)

Love at first sight!! Another TJ Maxx goodie! If I had my own house, I would have snatched these up to use in my dining room.  They would be so fun and lively!


  1. Hi Katie. That is a sofa table and I think I have it priced at $85.00. Yes, it would be cute as a desk. I also have 2 other desks I think will be coming in tomorrow or Wednesday. I have never shipped anything that big but would be happy to look into it.

    (It wouldn't let me reply to your email so that's why I'm replying on your blog!)

    The French Flea

  2. That chair is cute! you could totally use it one day when you get married nad if you have a girl in the baby room! :) and do pink and green colors! haha