Wednesday, February 23, 2011

John David {Sweetness}

A few weeks ago I went over to my friend Sarah Beth's home to photograph the new little man of the house, John David.  At this point John David was a month old and so much fun! He was awake the whole two hours I was there so I was able to get lots of cute shots of him interacting with his mom and being a ham for the camera.  Sarah Beth is a previous student of my mother's so this little guy is extra special to our family.  Between takes I got as much sugar and lovin' from John David as I could! He is such a good baby and didn't cry until the very end of the shoot. What boy wouldn't be ready for a camera to get out of his face after 2 hours?!  Here are a few of my favorites....

His signature look.  His mom says he always has his fist up!

My favorite.

I love chubby cheeks!

Baby feet are my favorite!

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