Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitten by the Craft Bug

This past Saturday my friend and former roommate, Kari, and I went shopping.  I was ONLY going to return a few items and try not to spend any money.  Key word: try.  However, I was bitten by the craft bug while on our little shopping trip.  Sometimes, I get these random sperts of craftyness (if that's a word) and want to make stuff.  Nothing EVER comes out the way I have it pictured in my head.  I am the least creative person....ever.  My mom is an artist and can draw or paint anything! She is so amazing and I didn't get an ounce of that talent. I decided I wanted to make Valentines cards.  The funny part is that I HATE Valentines day but I needed an excuse to make some personalized gifts while playing with glitter.... :)  I made cards for all the little kiddos in my life that I love along with my grandmother and roommate (we always gave each other Valentine's day cards in college).  Here's how they turned out and like I said, things never turn out the way I think they will.

My supplies....A few heart stickers, red glitter, glue pen, sticker perals, cardstock, sharpies, and envelopes.

Card in the making.

My first two cards.  I love Trae's! He will probably blush and say "no" when his mom reads it to him. Haha!
Gotta love 4 year old boys!


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