Friday, March 15, 2013

Peaches to Beaches {Yard Sale}

Last weekend was the annual Peaches to Beaches yard sale.  This is a yard sale that beings in Barnesville, Ga (below Atlanta) and stretches down Highway 341 to Brunswick, Ga (located on our beautiful coast).  It is always the second weekend of March and attracts thousands of people not only from Ga but from other states near and far too!
Last Friday, I took the day off of work to hopefully find some good things before they were all picked over on Saturday. I ended up sleeping in (hey, it was my day off) and was really mad at myself about that.  I got out to the sales around noon.  I started off in Perry where my mom lives.  I went downtown to a few stores that were having sales in honor of PTB but struck out.  I then traveled down to Hawkinsville (20 mins south) where my dad lives and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town.  Saturday afternoon, I went to Eastman (20 mins south of Hawkinsville) to see my Grandmother and stopped by a few other locations along the highway.
I ended up with only a few things this year.  It was kinda disappointing.  My friend Ashlee recently posted on her blog her finds from PTB and she basically struck gold....SEVERAL times that weekend. She recently purchased a farm house and found lots of rustic/vintage things to decorate with photography props for her business. is what I found....

I bought this chair to use as a photography prop.  I thought it was the perfect size for children. I am of course going to paint it.  I haven't decided on a color yet!  It had a price of $10 on it but I ended up paying $6.

I bought these milk glass vases.  They were pretty dirty from being in storage so I soaked them overnight in dish soap and hot water and now they are so pretty.  I paid $0.50 for both!  I love the one of the left!

I bought this ottoman for $10 (!!!) from a church in Hawkinsville.  I know the person that previously owned it so I don't have to worry about bed bugs or anything gross like that! HAHA! It's very comfortable which is an additional plus! I plan to have it covered and tuft soon!  I'm also thinking of changing the legs.

 I found this crock for my dear friend, Dever.  A couple of weekends ago I went to visit her in St. Mary's.  Her and her husband collect them and have them all around their house.  I sent her a picture, which she forwarded to her husband, who told her to get it. It was a steal at only $60 (they can get very expensive)!

Like all yard sales there was TONS and I do mean TOOOOONS of J-U-N-K!!  It started to get quiet ridiculous actually.  I eventually decided to take pictures of some of the crazy things people were selling b/c no one would believe me. Enjoy, lol.....

TP holder made out of PVC pipes.  I was just so dumbfounded by this.  I have no words.

These are birdhouses made out of just about anything.

I can't imagine why no one had snagged this up by late Saturday afternoon. I would much rather soak my feet at home in mildew and mold than go to the spa.

I couldn't believe it but people had farm animals for sale.  Bunnies, roosters, chickens, and llamas.

Someone even had their award winning birds out for show. I had no idea there were such competitions...

And for the winner of the complete shocker of all weekend.....drumroll.....

EMPTY beer cans for $1!! WHAT THE HECK??!!!!!

What's the craziest thing you have seen at a yard sale?  Do you have yard sales similar to Peaches to Beaches where you are from?

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