Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Need an Intervention....

If you know me, you know TJ Maxx is my jam.  I LOVE that store but mainly b/c of their home decor section. I never dig through their clothes and usually just skim the purses and shoes.  Most times I just shoot straight to the back of the store to study everything in my favorite section.  Sometimes TJ can be a hit or miss and yesterday was definitely a hit.
I went to look for some Easter decorations and left with one Easter decoration and tons of random things.  I am so A.D.D.  In my defense, the Easter decor was pretty much picked over.  I did need a couple of kitchen things and the other things I bought were wants and not needs.  I could hear my dad in my head saying, "Is that a want or a need?".  Needless to say, I didn't listen. a some of my favorite things from my visit!

These garden stools were presh! Perfect pop of color for my cute little back yard. They even match my chevron cushions that are in my chairs! They were $39.99 and while that may be a good price for garden stools, I wasn't wanting to spend that much on one item. 

These silver lanterns look like they just pranced out of Pottery Barn.  Their prices were great too! The one on the right was $24.99! 

This display was so beautiful and colorful! It made me so excited for spring! I really like the way they mixed in the lanterns with the flowers and pots.

Obsessed.  All I have to say.

Succulents! I have recently fallen in love with these flowers and TJ had them everywhere!

I was wishing I had a place for these blue and white Ralph Lauren lamps.  They are too precious!

These chevron rugs were only $7.99!!

My cart....told you it was random. I sometimes like purchases like that though! I got some things for the kitchen, a cute Easter bunny, bowls, and a beautiful wood frame!

My favorite purchase hands down were the bowls! I swear I died a little when I saw them.  I bought 1 for each place setting (3 red and 3 orange).  I put them in my cart before I decided to buy them. I couldn't let someone else get them! I love that you can see the brush strokes and the colors are so vibrant. They match my dining room perfectly! At $3.99 per bowl, I would say I got a deal! :)

Do you have an obsession with TJ?  What's been your favorite find?

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