Friday, June 10, 2011


I think I should just have a seperate blog for all of my TJ Maxx finds.  I am literally obsessed with that store.  Not for their clothes (b/c I hate digging through them), but for their home goods and handbags. They have the best prices I have ever found anywhere.  Yesterday, I went with my friends Ashlee Culverhouse and Ashley Williams.  We have started eating dinner together once a week and then we visit TJ Maxx for "dessert"! :) 
During my trip last night, I couldn't help but notice a few things there that I had seen in magazines for a lot more.  Let's compare prices...(hold on to your chair)!

These are from Pottery Barn ($99.99-$29.99). They are too cute but the
TJ Maxx price makes them even cuter....

Large-$24.99 (cheaper than the smallest one at PB).  Small-$14.99!

Michael Kors sunglasses range from $295-$85.
I snagged these MK shades for a cool $19.99! My favorite find on this trip! :)
This purse made of ostrich skin is from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's clothing line "Row".
 It's set at a ridiculous price of over $5,000!

I found this faux ostrich skin purse for $24.99!! And it's a lot roomier than the above bag.

Close exciting! :)

You can wear it cross body or as a tote.  I love it!

Us girls, having fun in the hat section! Ashlee C (in the middle) is a photographer too
and does a photo a day on FB. This was her photo of the day for Wednesday! Too cute!

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